Stone Pendants-1069-Amazonite
Stone Pendants-1069-Amazonite
Stone Pendants-1069-Amazonite
Stone Pendants-1069-Amazonite

Stone Pendants - Amazonite

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Stone size + shape

Amazonite is a soothing & hopeful stone. Channeling the energy of water, amazonite encourages fluid & flexible harmony in your mind & life. Overcome obstacles & go with the flow. Out with the bad vibes, in with the good vibes. Find courage in amazonite to stand up for what you believe & to work towards rational communication & conflict resolution.

A fun fact about amazonite is that it’s named after the Amazon River, but isn’t actually from or found there. Another fun fact about amazonite is that it’s been around for thousands of years, used in ancient civilizations across the globe… but it wasn’t officially identified until the 18th century. A third & final fun fact about amazonite: its beautiful blue/green color comes from a combination of lead & water in the feldspar.

A Tula Blue pendant is the perfect statement piece. Worn on its own or in a Tula stack, your pendant will pop. We promise.

- Teardrop Amazonite pendant, size varies
- Signature hand-spun ROPE
- 100% waterproof
- Loop & puka shell closure
- Note standard lengths: depending upon size: 18”, 20", 22" (But you can make a note in the cart for another length, no problem!)

Size Height (average) Standard Length***
X-Small 3/4" 18"
Small 7/8" 18"
S/M 1" 18"
Medium 1 1/4" 20"
M/L 1 1/2" 20"
Large 1 5/8" 20"
XL 1 5/8" 22"
XXL 1 3/4" 22"
3XL 1 7/8" 22"
6XL 2 1/2" 22"
7XL 2 1/2" 22"
*** You can request a different necklace length in the cart. Enter desired length in the order note.

One more thing: Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of our materials, colors & shapes may vary slightly from the images shown.

CAUTION: If you drop her, she could break. Treat her with love, & she will last. Pendants damaged from dropping are not included in our 12-month repair policy.

Item: 540-1069


From sea to summit, Tula Blue’s minimalist jewelry is designed to be waterproof and adventure-proof for your big, bold and balanced lifestyle. Naturally beautiful, endless combinations of necklace, bracelet, and anklet stacks allow your unique personality to shine. Made to move with you wherever you go, our rope has been spun up with strength, endurance and the goal of tying kindred souls together. As comfortable as it is durable, our jewelry is made from sustainably sourced shells, freshwater pearls, crystals, and semi-precious stones. Weaving purpose into everything we do, Tula Blue’s values of hope, health, happiness and harmony are knotted into all our creations, handmade by our artisans who come together to connect and raise your - and our collective’s - vibe. 

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