Facebook Live Sale!

Y'all! We are just going to do this! We have accepted that we are not going to have any in-person Holiday events this season SO we are going to try our best to get the Tula to YOU! It simply would not make sense for us to have one of our normal Island events which are usually about 4 hours long and have swarms of people. There would be no way to safely social distance a Corpus event. SO - as we have so much Tula Blue on our racks and much of it is not available for purchase online, we are going to give this a whirl, definitely let us know what you think and if you want to see these more often!
We literally decided today that we are going to do this tomorrow! Lol. We got this!
We have a rack of gorgeous triple knotted necklaces that are normally $40, some $50. And they are ALL going to be $25 on Wednesday ONLY! We are going to go live on Facebook at noon central time. And we will take you thru the necklaces - show you the pearls, stones and tell you the lengths available. Each pearl/stone will have a number that you can find on our Etsy shop. We have a new section on our Etsy shop called "Market LIVE" where you will find all of the necklaces available for purchase, listed by their code. Some might just have 1 available at 16" and that is all there is. You will have the one day to purchase these specific Triple Knotted necklaces at these Market SALE prices.
After we do the Facebook LIVE video we will try our best to post it to Instagram as well, but don't have a specific time for that. So definitely tune in on Facebook at Noon central time to be the first to see it all!