Protect the Ocean. Save the Seas.


Tula Blue has partnered with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), which has the world’s largest community of ocean lovers. Together, Tula Blue and PADI are working to fully leverage the strong community of scuba divers and make them feel beautiful while they help keep the ocean feeling beautiful too. 

Who is PADI?

Professional Association of Diving Instructors

We enable people around the world to seek adventure and save the ocean through underwater education, life-changing experiences and travel.
PADI embodies a global commitment to ocean health with its mission to create a billion torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean.

Protecting the ocean.

Rest assured, our jewelry is sustainably sourced and ethically made. We aim to protect our oceans by not contributing to waste, but instead, preserving its beauty through our eco-friendly practices.

saving the seas.

Many of our materials are given a second life through our jewelry by being recycled into something beautiful. Our Recycled Sea Glass Bracelets, in particular, are made with glass that has been churned by the waves and sand for years until they finally found their way to us to be reused in a way that transforms it from trash to treasure.


All of their PADI Club members will receive 15% off of their purchases with 5% of the cost automatically being donated to PADI AWARE.

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Recycled Sea Glass Bracelets

We will be donating 10% of each handmade recycled glass bracelet purchase towards Ocean Conservation projects in partnership with PADI Aware!



PADI AWARE Foundation is a publicly funded non-profit with three registered charities across the globe and can fully leverage the collective influence of divers and the dive industry to address key threats facing the marine environment.

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