Best Gifts that Support Communities

Gifting Tula Blue makes us all stronger together.

Gifting Tula Blue makes us all stronger together.

Choosing a gift – whether it be for your life partner, a parent, or a friend – is an act of kindness that gives you an incredible feeling. Some would argue it is one of the best feelings in the world. The feeling of joy you get from knowing that your gift is going to make the recipient happy is something that can become addicting and is no surprise people get so into the act of giving.

But have you ever thought about who else you will make happy through the purchase of a gift? Disclaimer – the recipient is not the only other person who will benefit! Something that further enhances the superpower of gift-giving is the fact that you can choose a gift that gives back to others, from providing employment opportunities to supporting local conservation causes.

 One of the best ways to do this is to  gift locally. Choosing to buy from small businesses spearheaded by working moms, like  Tula Blue, over a big international brand has a positive domino effect that means your thoughtful gesture ends up helping many people and spreading that joyful feeling to those whom you may not even know.

 While there is a lot of talk these days about why shopping and gifting locally is important, have you ever stopped to truly think about why that is? Giving a gift is a true act of thoughtfulness, but the thought that goes into it should far extend past just how it will benefit the recipient. 

How Supporting Local Brands Helps Us All

Supporting local means supporting your Tula Blue tribe

Supporting local means supporting your Tula Blue tribe. 

Often, local communities are the heart of local brands. So making that commitment to shop local means that you are giving a gift that truly does give back by empowering others, instilling hope, and driving purpose. Here are a few ways that your next gift can truly support communities.

1. Stimulating Local Economies

When you decide to shop local for a gift, you are putting that money right back into your community. While shopping at chains may seem tempting because of the vast amount of selection and deals, that money does not make its way back to others in your community. But choosing to purchase a gift from a local brand means that others in your community see that money – ultimately benefiting us all!

 2. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

When you get a gift that supports local communities, you are also getting a gift that reduces your carbon footprint. This is because a local purchase means less transportation and pollution to deliver the gift. Small businesses like Tula Blue not only sell online but also sell their physical products at local street markets and fairs. So consider doing your gift shopping at one of these and have a chance to meet the makers of the brands you are buying!

3. Help Create More Jobs

There has been a lot of research put out lately that indicates small businesses are truly the backbone to the US economy. So purchasing a gift from a small community-run business like Tula Blue means that you are increasing demand which ultimately drives job opportunities on a much larger scale.

4. Support Local Charities

Recent studies have shown that small businesses are much more likely to give back to nonprofits and community causes than larger brands. So when you are shopping locally, keep an eye out for the causes that the brand supports. For example, Tula Blue works with PADI, the world’s largest purpose-driven organization, to give a portion of its profits to ocean conservation causes.

5. Inspire Innovation and Growth

Small businesses thrive on creativity and need to think outside the box. When buying a gift from a business that employs locals in the community, you are encouraging them to elevate their innovation to create inspiring products. Tula Blue’s team of women from the local Texas community use their passion for creating life-proof jewelry spun by hand – and do so with a positive vibe that sets meaningful intentions in their products.

7 Best Gift Ideas that Truly Change Lives

The best gift is gifting the support of the Tula Blue community.

The best gift is gifting the support of the Tula Blue community. 

The benefits of shopping locally are endless. But it is not just the brand you buy from that can change lives. When buying a gift from Tula Blue, you are essentially able to select hand-made jewelry from their female collective of artists in Texas that empowers and provides endless possibilities.

In fact, each and every piece of jewelry is instilled with the core values of happiness, hope, harmony, and health. And every anklet, earring, necklace, and bracelet is designed to truly be a gift from the planet and raise a community’s collective vibe.

To help you select the best gift that supports communities and change lives, Tula Blue gives their best gift ideas that truly help others.

Each and every one of these gifts is designed to be water-proof, adventure-proof, and life-proof, with the nautical grade rope symbolically knotted to represent strength, endurance, and the goal of tying kindred souls together.

1. A Gift that Knots Friendship Together

Tula Blue connects people from all walks of life.

Tula Blue connects people from all walks of life. 

Who would have ever thought that a stack of necklaces could literally knot friendships together?  The Trio from Tula Blue is a set of three individual pieces that are designed to be worn individually or together – and all have a uniquely chosen gemstone.

The chrysocolla triple necklace can help deepen one’s understanding of others, the pearl princess necklace can help you feel connected to yourself and the moonstone pendant can help you feel less stressed about the relationships in your life.

Gifting The Trio lets you gift an amazing representation of friendship But it also supports local artisans at Tula Blue to come together in their own friendships as they create this beautiful collection. This gift is way more meaningful than your stock-standard friendship bracelet!

2.  A Gift that Lets Others Shine

The  act of giving a gift is selfless in nature. You are no longer thinking of yourself, but thinking of how to help someone else feel great about themselves. That is why the  Celestial Waves Bracelet Stack from Tula Blue is a gift that lets others shine.

To the recipient, this gift brings a sense of balance through the larimar gemstone, s sense of calmness through the turquoise gemstone, and a sense of beauty through the blush pearl. It is designed to empower others to truly shine and feel bold, fearless and like anything is possible.

This gift also can help local artisans put their local talents to use. Jewelry design is not the only talent of local artisan makers at Tula Blue. In fact, some have added talents like energy healing, meaning they can combine multiple passions into a profession.

3. A Gift that Grounds You

Give the gift of grounding and support with Tula Blue

Give the gift of grounding and support with Tula Blue.

While Tula Blue designs  adventure jewelry to move with those who have a wanderlust soul, they also design pieces to ground you to your roots and your true self. This is exactly what the  princess anklets are designed to do.

These anklets are made with gemstones like moonstone to help support new beginnings labradorite to stimulate feelings of calmness and pyrite to protect against negative energy. Gifting these anklets will let the recipient feel supported and connected even when they adventure to new places.

But gifting this anklet also helps local artisans at Tula Blue be reminded of their community’s support too. Every stack they create is a reminder that they are never alone and that there are kindred spirits near and far.

4. A Gift that Ignites Passion

Creating a business that intersects passion and purpose is the dream for many. And for Tula Blue founder and CEO Heather Stringer, that dream is now a reality. What started as a journey in trying to find a way to connect with and enrich her own community has turned into a successful business that now provides purpose to many more in her own community.

Gifting the Tula Blue  Friend Zone Stack not only directly supports a female-owned and empowered business to thrive and grow, but empowers the recipient of the gift as well. This stack is the best gift to give someone whom you want to remind how meaningful they are in your life –with the rose quartz pendant helping to share in feelings of love, reassurance, and compassion that you find from a true friend. It is the best gift to give to those you want to share in this special energy with.

5. A Gift that Manifests

Every small business starts from a dream. How cool is it to know that you have the power to help turn those dreams into a reality?

Tula Blue has designed a  quartz crystal necklace designed to provide balance in manifestation and that anything is possible. It is the best gift to give someone who is working towards a goal, whether that be starting a family, a business, or a big adventure.

But this gift also helps communities manifest their dreams into reality. These necklaces are made on demand, so purchasing this item as a gift means that a local artisan’s dream of creating meaningful jewelry is now a reality.  

6. A Gift that Pushes the Limits

 Give a Tula Blue gift that helps others push their limits.

It is not common to be able to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry that literally moves with you regardless of what you do. Whether it be scaling mountain tops, diving deep into the ocean or dancing your heart out at a music festival, Tula Blue’s community has designed jewelry that can do it all.

The  Enchanted Three Necklace Stack balances out various energies that are present throughout the obstacles life throws at you. In fact, to push past your limits you need to be able to clear your chakras. This is the best gift to give someone who wants to reach new heights and have an instilled sense of bravery.

But this gift also helps small businesses learn to push past their limits too. Growing a community of like-minded artisans and entrepreneurs requires boldness and bravery. And giving this gift is the best way to remind the team at Tula Blue anything is possible if you just believe.

7. A Gift that Supports the Planet

One of the most impactful gifts you can ever give is one that not only supports a local community but the entire planet. We are all one big community after all!

The best gift that supports the planet is one that is made with sustainably sourced materials. Every Tula Blue product is made from sustainably sourced natural materials that are eco-friendly and beautifully remind us all of what we need to protect. They are all also adorned with eco-friendly pearls, shells, crystals, and nautical-grade twine that has been carefully chosen to ground, complement, and immerse the wearer in the metaphysical properties of the materials used.

When you support a brand that makes sustainable products, you are also encouraging every other brand to follow suit too – no matter how big or small they are.

Giving the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Tula Blue is a gift that empowers women to support one another.

Tula Blue is a gift that empowers women to support one another. 

We keep going back to this point, but choosing a gift from a small business really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Studies are showing that the general public do not just want to get gifts that support their loved ones, but also gifts that  support an entire community. Granted, there are a lot of small businesses you can choose to shop with. But if you are looking for the best gift that enriches and empowers a whole community of females, look no further than the incredible Tula Blue community.

Gifting Tula Blue actually supports the entire community of over twenty-plus local Texas women who are the true makers of the brand. Each artisan comes from a different walk of life, but they all share a strong passion for creating meaningful products.

In fact, it is not just the paycheck that keeps the team motivated. It is their shared ethos of wanting to learn from, create with, and inspire one another that keeps them coming in to hand-make each and every piece of jewelry.

So the next time you are looking to select the best gift, choose one that is designed to have a domino effect of positively impacting multiple people – both those who receive the gift and who make the gift!

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