5 Best Travel and Adventure Jewelry to Pack

From sea to summit, make sure to pack your adventure jewlery.

From sea to summit, make sure to pack your adventure jewelry.


When writing out your packing list for your next trip, don’t forget to include adventure jewelry!

Whether you are planning a weekend hiking trip, a year-long backpacking expedition around the world, setting sail out at sea or simply seeking out places in your own backyard that have yet to be discovered, you should bring along beautiful pieces that help you make a fashion statement regardless of the adventure at hand.

The best adventure jewelry is not only waterproof but made with a durable design woven together with positive energy, meaningful intention, and eco-friendly materials inspired by the stunning places we are all drawn to explore.

You will also want to pack adventure jewelry that is lightweight, durable and easily fit into any carry-on or travel bag and designed to transform into a flattering piece of any adventure outfit.

Ideally, you’ll also want your travel and adventure jewelry to be so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it while also being able to handle different natural environments– like salt water, mud, sweat, snow or anything else that may get thrown your way.  

To help you pack for your next adventure, we’ve rounded up the five best travel and adventure jewelry designed to help you embrace the unexpected in style.

1. Less is More with the Minimalist StackPacking the Minimalist Stacks means you are bringing along the perfection combination of jewelry for all of your travel adventures.

Packing the minimalist stack means that you are bringing along the perfect combination of bracelet, necklace, and earrings that can be worn separately or together and designed to provide you with a deeper purpose to support your adventures.  

Wear this on your next beach adventure and you’ll feel even more connected to the ocean while crinkling your toes in the sand and soaking up the sea breeze. And for more active ocean adventures, you can even rock this during a surfing or snorkeling outing. Then keep the set on while you transition from a swimsuit to a summer dress for dinner.

Best of all, choose a stack that matches the stone of your needs. Freshwater pearls will help you feel in harmony with the outside world. And larimar will help you radiate those feelings of love and healing to all you meet.

2. Feel Protected with a Classic Clique Stack

Adventure jewelry with labradorite helps you feel protected.

Adventure jewelry with labradorite helps you feel protected.


Traveling into the unknown means that you will want to feel a sense of protection. That’s why you will want to bring a  labradorite pendant and pearl necklace stack with you on your next adventure. Not only does this stack evoke a classic and timeless look, but the gemstones and crystals can help you adventure within yourself as well.

Labradorite is known to help calm an overactive mind and prevent negativity from seeping into an adventure, where a pearl can help your inner goddess come out and enhance feelings of confidence. This duo looks like a beautiful drop of the ocean or a high-altitude mountain lake and is the perfect travel companion for exploring the natural world and discovering your own beautiful self. 

3. Find Balance with the Celestial Waves Bracelet Stack

The Celestial Waves Bracelet stack is full of gemstones and freshwater pearls that will help you feel beautiful, bold and fearless on your next adventure.

If you want to feel beautiful, bold and fearless on your next adventure, then pack the celestial waves bracelet stack.  This collection comes with four different gemstone bracelets that can be worn individually or together – whatever your vibe is at the time.

This stack is especially powerful for the daredevil adventurers. The larimar gemstone bracelet instills balance, the turquoise gemstone bracelet enhances calmness and the blush and pearl bracelets help you reach new limits. Wearing this stack will help you discover that the impossible is possible.  Plus, it shines in natural environments and is tough enough to withstand crashing waves and steep mountain slopes. 

4. Discover Your Purpose with the Crystal Dreams Bracelet Stack

Pack the Crystal Dreams bracelet stack which is full of crystals and gemstones that will help you along your adventure.

Chasing your dreams is a big part of any adventure. So pack the  crystal dreams bracelet stack to help you discover new places, new beginnings and new limits. This stack is full of  crystals and gemstones that will help you break down barriers. For example, the apatite pebble bracelet can help enhance clarity and creativity and the green amethyst cube bracelet is said to connect dreams to reality.

5. Stay Grounded with Gemstone Anklet Stacks

Anklet stacks are adventure jewelry that helps you stay grounded.

Anklet stacks are adventure jewelry that helps you stay grounded.


One of the most underrated travel and adventure jewelry pieces is an anklet. But when exploring new places, it is important to feel grounded and connected to your origins.

Create your own stack of moonstone, labradorite and pyrite princess anklets to help you get through the ups and downs of your travels, remind you of your inner beauty and support the growth you experience when you put yourself in foreign environments. 

Pack One Stack for Unlimited Adventures

Regardless of whether you decide to pack your minimalist stack or celestial waves bracelet stack for your adventure jewelry, know that each and every piece is a durable design that is made to move with you – wherever in the world you decide to go next.

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  • Heather Stringer

    My fav part about Tula Blue is that I will create an entire look – from head to toe, pick out the pearls + stones that are speaking to me, usually somewhat in line with the seasons. Anklets, bracelets, wrap bracelets, probably 3 necklaces, too. I put it on and I leave it on. I don’t have to give it another thought. It’s truly the perfect travel jewelry and then some. It’s so comfortable and durable – I usually wear a set for 4-6 months, before I’m ready to make a change. I put on my summer set in May – one ankle and one wrist was full of larimar, white pearl, blush pearl, even some light orange heishi. The other ankle, wrist and necklace stack was more moody – Labradorite, mermaid pearls, some chrysocolla and even a green pearl princess. It’s nearing the end of Oct now so I’ve been rocking it all for 6 months! Wore it all on 3 Summer trips, more if you count work trips. To South Padre for a few days, the Virgin Islands for 2 weeks and then to Scotland for 2 weeks. No issues. Might be about time to make some changes but there are pieces that I will wear year round, like my Labradorite pendant, it’s just me.

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