How to Travel With Tula Blue

Tula Blue is travel jewelry that is adventure proof and stylish

Tula Blue is travel jewelry that is adventure proof and stylish

Your best wanderlust life – accessorized

How to travel with Tula Blue

Tula Blue was created to move with you – whether you are in your backyard or jetting around the planet. The minimal pieces are beautiful, durable – and considered the perfect travel jewelry by journalists, influencers and self-proclaimed wanderlusters. All our jewelry – from our stackable necklaces, bracelets and anklets to our earrings – was, in part, inspired by our team’s love for adventurously exploring and intentionally designed to not only style but simplify travel based on our cumulative hundreds of trips around the globe. 

If you are wondering how to accessorize your expedition to let your own personal style shine, or you just want to travel with ease, here’s some top tips to help you make every adventure perfectly beautiful. 

Tula Blue makes the best travel jewelry that’s stylish, comfortable and versatile

Tula Blue makes the best travel jewelry that’s stylish, comfortable and versatile

How can I lighten my load and pack less?

It’s no secret less is more when it comes to packing. Traveling light is an art form that is continuously refined, especially given changing restrictions. Overpacking won’t just weigh you down – it will also cost you. Around the globe, airlines are quietly increasing their checked bag costs and decreasing their carry-on allowances.

Choosing our favorite travel jewelry staples to re-wear, again and again, helps us all refrain from the dreaded overpacking.  With Tula Blue, you don’t have to sacrifice style when you are traveling – especially with two of our newest pieces. 

Our newest Journey Bracelet takes minimalist jewelry to the next level. Aptly named, this bracelet is three of our most popular stack bracelets combined in one. Your simple style can be stress-free, leaving you to focus on your adventure – not your luggage. 

The Journey Bracelet is also a perfect complement to another recent addition to the Tula Blue collection – and already one of our most popular products – the Tula Traveler. This minimalist necklace can adjust to whatever length you want, wrapped around your wrist, or can be used as a hat band, maximum travel jewelry options with zero packing footprint!

Tula Blue is the best jewelry to wear while traveling

Tula Blue is the best jewelry to wear while traveling

What is the best jewelry to wear when traveling?

The best travel jewelry is comfortable, small, and discreet. Traveling with jewelry requires striking a balance between bringing what you love and keeping it safe. 

Traveling with valuable jewelry can lead to unwanted attention, stress, expensive loss and in the worst case, security issues.

That’s why we always our diamond rings behind. Besides, Tula Blue’s gemstones sparkle just as brightly.. After losing far too much jewelry to the sea, we designed Tula Blue to be incredibly durable and adventure-proof. 

Another consideration is versatility.  By packing stackable pieces that can be easily mixed and matched – you can create countless different looks without weighing down your bags. We always pack at least one necklace and bracelet stack, wearing another complimentary stack onto the plane. This gives us infinte options.

What travel jewelry is TSA-approved?

While TSA doesn’t have a list of “approved” TSA jewelry, there are definitely some best practices! We’ve gone through countless airport security scanners around the globe and have learned that Tula Blue is as close as it comes to “TSA jewelry”.

Want to fly through TSA like we do? Bulky, metal jewelry and x-ray machines don’t mix well. When wearing this type of bling through TSA, you’ll often have to remove it, slowing down your travel in a very stressful setting. In fact, wearing bulky jewelry while travelling is one of the top three airport security mistakes travelers make. 

Since jewelry is valuable, most of us tend to pack it in our carry-on – further creating issues. Because x-ray machines can’t see through this, you may need to remove it for physical search. (If you do chose to pack this type of jewelry, keep it in something that is easy to take out of your carry-on to be screened separately.)

But why not avoid issues and stress altogether? In our experience, Tula Blue jewelry is the solution to avoid security slowdowns. That’s because Tula Blue jewelry is made with hand-spun rope, crystals, pearls and shells. The entirely natural materials do not trigger the x-ray machines. Whether you are wearing it – or you have your whole, beautiful collection neatly packed in your carry-on bag – you’ll cruise through security in beautiful style!

Tula Blue jewelry is minimalist and stylish – perfect for travel
Tula Blue jewelry is minimalist and stylish – perfect for travel

How should I pack my travel jewelry?

We are huge fans of jewelry cases to keep your Tula Blue jewelry organized and protected. Frankly, many of us leave our Tula Blue in these cases day to day – ready to throw into a bag at a moment’s notice!

After all, a well-chosen case takes up nearly zero space. And that’s a huge plus for adventure lovers whose gear always  gets top priority for precious space allotment in bags.  That’s why Tula Blue is on the list of Travel + Leisure’s  “must pack” items for all scuba divers.   

A final favorite hack is to always pack a Tula Blue Lariat necklace. Its drama combined with its versatility allows us to easily elevate any daytime look into an elegant evening ensemble.
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