Sizing & Care



  1. Grab something thin and flexible. It could be a string, another necklace, or even a phone charger/charging cable! 
  1. Place it around your neck (ankle or wrist) and position how you want your Tula to lay.  
  1. Hold either end & then measure the string to find your perfect length.
  1. We recommend first finding the length of the shortest necklace you want. Then, if you’re creating a Tula stack, just add 2” for each subsequent necklace. (If starting with a 14” choker and want your choker stack closer together, only add 1” between necklaces.)

When measuring a Tula Blue piece, we hang the puka off the ruler and the loop just barely goes over final length. 


Every piece of Tula Blue is strung with love on our signature ROPE. Nautical grade and 100% spun by hand, our unique Tula Blue ROPE is waterproof and incredibly durable. Your Tula Blue jewelry isn’t like other jewelry— you don’t need to take it off for life’s adventures. Our ROPE collection is just as versatile as you. Go ahead and swim in your Tula. Travel in your Tula. Work out, hike, surf, do yoga. Shower and sleep. Live in your Tula. Crafted with freshwater pearls and genuine stones, Tula Blue’s minimalist beauty is ready for it all, from workday to date night and beyond.

So while our ROPE is created to be incredibly durable, it will last longer with proper care. Our rope can be cut, so be super careful when shaving. And our mother of pearl crescents and stone pendants  can break if dropped. Pearls don’t love super-chlorinated environments- the pool is fine, but you may consider not taking them into a heavily chlorinated hot tub. Taking basic measures to protect and care for your Tula Blue will help preserve the materials. Our most common Tula Blue killers: razors & cats.  Please take care to shave around your anklet, move it, don’t shave it! And be sure to keep your Tula Blue away from your feline friends!

Our artisans are specially trained to work with Tula Blue ROPE, it’s a tricky process, so don’t try to cut it yourself. If you need help with the size, reach out to us and we would love to help you! You can also come see us at any event.