Eight Best Stone Jewelry Choices

 Best stone jewelry to superpower your look and life with crystals.
Best stone jewelry to superpower your look and life with crystals
Eight Best Stone Jewelry Choices
Superpower your look and your life
There’s nothing more elegant than jewelry made from natural crystals, stones, and pearls. At Tula Blue, we believe the best stone jewelry is not only beautiful but has metaphysical powers to help strengthen and manifest your intentions. From abundance to wellness and protection to peace, having a daily reminder of what you want to achieve is a powerful and meaningful accessory. By wearing flattering stone and crystal jewelry that aligns with your intentions, you can call on the earth energy you need to help manifest whatever you want to bring into your life into reality.
Here's eight of the best stone jewelry options that not only looks great but are supercharged with metaphysical properties:
Tula Blue Quartz necklace is a best stone jewelry favorite
 Tula Blue Quartz necklace is a best stone jewelry favorite
1. Best Stone Jewelry: Clear Quartz
Shine bright like a diamond with clear quartz. It is the ultimate stone known to raise your vibes. A powerful way to supercharge your life – from immunity to mental health – it’s an amplifier of whatever you pour into it.
We love wearing this stone in its purest form – a double-terminated crystal rock quartz necklace. Even the shape holds power, magnifying both directions, welcoming beauty, balance, and strength into your life. Quartz is the royalty of the crystal family, making it some of the best stone jewelry to wear.
2. Best Stone Jewelry: Amethyst
We love this purple quartz with an elegant shade. From violet to deep purple, amethyst just feels calming and symbolizes healing, peace and wisdom, making it one of the best stone choices. It’s a great go-to stone during times of stress, when you need a bit of emotional balance or would like to help strengthen intuition.
One of our favorite ways to wear amethyst is a beautiful pebble bracelet  that catches the light and our eye every time we see our wrist. Just catching a glimpse makes us calmer and more centered.
Best Amethyst crystal stone jewelry
4. Best Stone Jewelry: Labradorite
Labradorite is a close cousin to moonstone, and gleams of possibility. Shifting colors from purple to green and yellow to blue, there is simply no crystal more eye catching – or powerful. Labradorite brings us energy, balance and protection – which is something we need now more than ever.
We love wearing this powerful, transformational stone as a pendant on its own, or in a stack with labradorite stone. A beautiful drop shape, we are quickly reminded of our watery world – and our connection to it – every time we wear it.
Tula Blue Labradorite Necklace is a best stone jewelry favorite.
Tula Blue Labradorite necklace is a best stone jewelry favorite
5. Best Stone Jewelry: Turquoise
Turquoise reminds us of the beautiful blue tropical seas as well as big blue mountain skies. It is known for its ability to keep our vibes high, bring good fortune and support honesty. It encourages serenity – both in its appearance and its metaphysical properties, which is why it is one of our best stone choices.
A beautiful and elegant way to wear turquoise every day is a pebble duet – which can be a gorgeous necklace, head band or hat band.
5. Best Stone Jewelry: Rose Quartz
The beautiful pink hue of Rose Quartz tugs at everyone’s heartstrings, making it one of the best stone choices. There is something about this soft and feminine crystal that simply exudes love, which is why everyone gravitates towards it, wanting it close to them.
There’s no better way to wear this symbol of love, harmony, and peace than in a necklace as it is closely connected to both your heart and throat chakra. We adore this beautiful stack – a rose quartz pendant and a rose gold bead necklace – to showcase beauty while amplifying its power.
Tula Blue Rose Quartz necklace is a best stone jewelry favorite
Tula Blue Rose Quartz necklace is a best stone jewelry favorite
6. Best Stone Jewelry: Amazonite
Amazonite is a gorgeous, blue-green stone with shades from pale turquoise to deep teal. It is a stone that promotes creativity, helps us keep our cool, and celebrates harmonious relationships which is why it makes our list of best stone jewelry.
We love letting this stone stand on its own in our classic single stone necklace. Sometimes there’s nothing more beautiful – and powerful – than a classic!
7. Best Stone Jewelry: Pyrite
Pyrite, often called "Fool's Gold", is just as valuable metaphysically! It is an incredibly powerful protective stone that has been treasured for centuries as the best stone jewelry for protection. Shield up with pyrite and keep out negative energy, while making space for abundance, prosperity and good luck.
We keep these gorgeous rondelle necklaces in regular rotation. Don’t be fooled by their delicateness. These are powerhouses!
These pyrite stones move along the rope and stay in place so you can wear your necklace many ways.
Tula Blue Pyrite necklace is a best stone jewelry favorite
8. Best Stone Jewelry: Lapis Lazuli
Prized for its gorgeous rich blue color and sparkling pyrite inclusions, lapis lazuli exudes luxury. It is a royal choice that promotes leadership, self confidence and ambition.
Whenever we want to slay it, we wear this classic single necklace. These beads look like miniature planets – and rightfully so since you’ll have the world at your feet!
Best Lapis Lazuli Stone and Crystal Jewelry
Tula Blue Lapis Lazuli crystal jewelry is beautiful and powerful

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