Love, Comfort & Friendship

Rose Quartz

Quartz is both the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust and, perhaps more relevant for our purposes, a large family of crystals. The word crystal comes from Greek for ice, because quartz was thought to be eternal ice sent by the gods. Until the late 1500s, scholars actually thought quartz was crystallized ice. Rose quartz’ milky pink color comes from traces of magnesium and titanium in the mineral. Greek lore has a more fun/poetic explanation: Aphrodite (goddess of love) cut herself on a briar trying to save Adonis (her mortal lover) from Ares (god of war). The lovers’ blood spilled over a clear quartz crystal, staining it pink. Turn to rose quartz, the ultimate love stone, to heal and open your heart. Attract love, deepen love, and love love with rose quartz by your side. And yes - that includes self-love. Bring on the good vibes.