How to Live a More Balanced Life: Inspired Tips to Find the Meaning of Tula

Reduce Stress and Live a Balanced Life with Tula Blue

Reduce Stress and Live a Balanced Life with Tula Blue  

How to Live a More Balanced Life: Inspired Tips to Find the Meaning of Tula 

How do you stay balanced in life? Is balance something truly achievable – or just a myth?  We know too well what life out of balance feels like – stressful, overwhelming, exhausting. Even the smallest tasks seem daunting. But balance isn’t something you simply are born with. It’s something you work constantly at creating. By focusing on improving your mental, physical and spiritual wellness and by making very intentional life changes, you can stay balanced in life, going from drained and maxed out to energized and capable of anything.  

And we should know. When our founder, Heather, started  Tula Blue, she was drawn to the Sanskrit word for balance (tula) - because finding balance – in her work, family, and life - was her goal. It was also something she wanted to help others find. In creating crystal-powered jewelry that makes you feel good, beatifying and enhancing every adventure, she has created much more than something to wear. 

“Tula means balance in Sanskrit. And isn't learning how to stay balanced in life what it is all about? Balance is unique to everyone, whether it's how you balance your day-to-day life or how you find your balance within.  But we all want – and need – balance. Tula Blue's life-proof jewelry is designed to do it all while expressing your unique style and finding your specific meaning of balance.” – Heather Stringer, Founder, Tula Blue 

In the spirit of tula, we are sharing our team’s top tips on how to live a balanced life for inspiration to do the same. We’re also sharing how, in some cases, we’ve found that Tula Blue jewelry can help you look and feel good – amplifying as well as supporting these lifestyle changes to help you reduce stress and achieve balance. 


Live in Balance by keeping your relationships health

 Live in Balance by keeping your relationships health


Finding Balance by Spending Time with the Right People 

The relationships we have in our lives considerably affect our mental and physical health. Loving, supportive relationships not only protect against depression, but they can lower our blood pressure and even help us live longer. That’s why it’s important to nurture good relationships, surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good.  

Just like other toxins in our environments, toxic people can have the same effect on your well-being. These individuals take more than they give, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. While they can be charismatic, which draws you in, they are also extremely negative – and manipulative. They suck the life out of the room; the world revolves around them. 

Do you have an energy vampire in your life? You very likely do. Energy vampires are people who — sometimes intentionally — drain your emotional energy. They feed on your kindness, desire to care for them, and willingness to be there, leaving you feeling stressed out and empty. Identify these people and begin the process of eliminating them from your life. Replace them with people who strengthen and bolster you, add beautiful balance to your life, and inspire you to be a better version of yourself. 

In some cases, that simply isn’t possible. Sometimes energy vampires are co-workers, family members, or other individuals you haven’t chosen as friends; you can’t eliminate them from your life. Instead, you’ll need to distance yourself from them, create healthy boundaries, and protect yourself from their negative energies. One tool in this process can be the use of protective crystals like obsidian or quartz, worn as spiritual jewelry constantly reminding you to distance yourself – and serving as an “energetic shield”. We love this simple, classic single Tula Blue obsidian bead necklace for just this purpose, as jewelry that makes us feel good. 


Finding Balance By Establishing Boundaries and Learning to Say No 

With all of life’s challenges, we find ourselves pressured to say yes too often. Conflict is difficult, and many of us are people pleasers. Sometimes it is easier to say yes than deal with the fallout of “no”. 

But, if you don’t learn to say “no”, your time – and your level of stress – cannot be controlled. Before saying yes, take a pause and consider what you already have on your plate. Think about what is reasonable – and what you can actually do. Reduce stress by learning how to say “no.” 

It may be hard at first – but trust us, it gets easier every time you say it. And the amount of asks decrease as well. Respect yourself, your time, and your balance in life – others will do the same. (If they don’t refer to the section above!) 


Tula Blue Rose Quartz crystal pendants mean self love

Tula Blue Rose Quartz crystal pendants mean self love


Finding Balance By Loving Yourself 

Show yourself constant self-love. This means putting yourself first. Give yourself permission to prioritize your own need for rest, relaxation, exercise and recuperation. By putting yourself first, you aren’t being selfish – but rather – the opposite. Everyone in your life benefits when you take the time to reset and recharge. 

Self-love also means accepting you aren’t perfect – and letting go of the notion everything needs to be just that. There is beauty in imperfections – just look at our Tula Blue stone pendants. 

Identify the things in your life that give you energy – and prioritize those. Be sure to design a weekly routine to include these – don’t let an unbalanced life in chaos gobble up the very things that put you in balance and help you eliminate that chaos. 

That’s where our Tula Blue jewelry comes in. We love wearing rose quartz as a daily reminder we need to love ourselves. For centuries, rose quartz has been used as spiritual jewelry that makes us feel good, promoting feelings of self-love and unlocking love energy – which is something we – and those who are around us – thrive upon.  

Does crystal jewelry work? It does – but perhaps not in the way you imagine. While there are no scientific studies to prove their absolute energetic or vibrational power, often having something to put your intention into and believe in as a talisman is what gives them their power. Our minds are incredibly powerful and capable of much more than we often know and the placebo effect is real. Having a tool like a crystal is a great way to focus this power and set an intention. 


Stay in the Flow by Giving Yourself Time to Do Nothing 

New research finds that giving ourselves time to do nothing improves our mental health, balance, and creativity.  

Our brains are filled with the task at hand, so often they have to ignore a stream of spontaneous thoughts, memories, and emotions. But there is growing research that this stream, known as your brain’s default mode network, is good for us! Ever heard of being in the flow? Who would have thought the flow state starts when you are giving yourself the freedom to just be? 

Our fast-paced culture values accomplishments and being busy – but being in this state is draining and can cause you to miss out on the benefits that mental downtime can offer. So go ahead – take a moment to pause, lose yourself in a daydream, and let your mind wander. In the end, you’ll be more effective – and inspired. 

Meditation jewelry can help with focus and concentration.

Meditation jewelry can help with focus and concentration.


Finding Balance by Focusing Within 

To achieve mental and physical balance, you also need to focus on your spiritual self. Practicing meditation daily is an effective way to do this. Meditation enables you to deeply relax, become still and calm your mind. While meditating, you focus on one thing, getting rid of the constant stream of busy thoughts that overrun your mind and cause stress.  

There’s no denying meditation results in both physical and mental benefits. Meditation can improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase immunity, improve focus and memory, and create feelings of balance as well as compassion. 

To supercharge your meditation, many practitioners use crystals to improve focus and enhance relaxation. Spiritual jewelry is jewelry made from crystals that are used in conjunction with other wellness practices, like meditation and mindfulness, and have been shown to work by improving mental benefits and effectiveness through increasing focus. Stones such as moonstone, lapis lazuli and labradorite are all known as powerful crystals for meditation jewelry. These healing crystals are used as effective inspiration and wellness jewelry - helping people live a more balanced and overall healthy, joyful life. 

The Tula Blue team loves wearing our carefully chosen pebble bracelets as meditation jewelry, so we are ready to meditate anytime and anywhere, particularly on beautiful beach walks. Many of us use it as a mala – touching each bead and either repeating our favorite mantra or taking a deep breath. These stress relief bracelets are the perfect tool to help find your inner balance. 


Finding Balance by Living in the Moment 

In our busy world, many of us are living in the future. We are always creating lists and worrying about things we cannot control. There is always a long list of things we need to do, haven’t managed to find time to accomplish, or feel we should do. These lists are ever-growing causing us to focus more time on the future – not the present.  

By avoiding obsessing about the future – and the “what ifs” – you can focus on the right now – what is happening today. The key to balance is being present – with your family, friends, work, life and mind.  

Let go of the need to be in control of things you can’t control. The future is tomorrow. The present is right now and is the only thing you can affect. If you find yourself constantly fast-forwarding to the future and worrying, a good hack is to ground yourself. Tune into what you are experiencing at this exact moment. What are you smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing? Tug your Tula Blue pendant and remember what you are grateful for today. 


Find a balanced lifestyle with Tula Blue                                                                                                              

Find a balanced lifestyle with Tula Blue


Finding Balance by Limiting Technology and Its Effects 

There’s no escaping it. Technology rules our lives. That’s why it’s important to ensure you are managing your technology – and not letting it manage you. Take time to reflect on what aspects of technology decrease and increase your stress. Then identify ways to take a technology time out. We’ve set timers on our scrolling and make a point to leave tech behind when we get into nature. 

Excessive screen time has been shown to significantly affect you both mentally and physically – by impacting your sleep quality, increasing blood pressure, leading to insulin resistance and obesity, causing poor stress regulation, leading to developmental issues in children and causing feelings of isolation as well as anti-social behavior. 

Technology also comes with other impacts, including EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) exposure, as things like cell phones emit EMFs. EMFs influence metabolic processes in our bodies and disrupt our tissues, which some studies have shown may lead to cancer. Many believe both hematite and pyrite crystal jewelry can help offset the impact of EMFs.  

While there is a lot of conflicting information out there, we believe it’s best to limit your technology reliance – getting your relationship with technology in balance to reduce stress. 


Live in balance inside and out with Tula Blue

Live in balance inside and out with Tula Blue


Finding Balance Naturally  

Balance starts with what we put into – and do – with our bodies. Eating in a balanced, intentional manner that is healthy is critical to reducing stress and improving our health. Eat organically, consume whole foods like plenty of fruits and vegetables, cut out the caffeine, sugar, processed foods and alcohol, and consciously feed your mind, body, and soul. 

What’s the best way to stop stress fast? Take a few minutes to move your body. Do this at least six a day. Breathe deeply. Walk outside. Stretch. Do some yoga. Get your steps in. Balance yourself physically as well. 

Tula Blue jewelry was designed to be beautifully in balance

Tula Blue jewelry was designed to be beautifully in balance


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