Surfer Style: Top Must-Have Items

Surfing is an adventure that lets you connect with both yourself and the natural world, regardless of your skill level. Dating back to the Polynesian islands, the art of surfing has long shaped how you can catch a wave, carve your mindset and create new friends.

The beauty of surfing is that anyone can do it, and everyone does it differently. Capturing this individuality is why investing in your own unique  surfing ensemble is key to ripping it on the waves and living a bold life.
From how to select the right surfboard to collecting the best  surf jewelry, we’ve curated must-have items that will have you surfing in style. We suggest accessorizing adventure with water-proof and adventure-proof items infused with positive energy, intention and eco-friendly materials that allow you to draw inspiration from every passing wave.
  1. A Surfboard that Connects You to the Ocean 
Pick a surfboard as unique as your surf jewelry 
Pick a surfboard as unique as your surf jewelry
Just like each of us has our own unique personalities, so do surfboards. You’ll want to select a surfboard that matches your experience level, the swell conditions and your style preference. For those who are just getting started, a foam longboard is a great board to start your collection.
As your skills improve, the length and volume of your board can shrink – from a mid-length all the way to a shortboard. And you can be as creative with color selection as you can be when designing your own  Tula Blue surf stacks.
  1. A Wetsuit that Keeps You Protected
Your protection can also be fashionable. In addition to rocking your  water-proof labradorite pendant to keep the bad vibes away, you’ll want to wear a wetsuit that protects your skin from the sun.  Whether that be a summer shortie or a full body suit, pick one that is made from recycled materials and lets you enjoy  endless summer vibes regardless of the time of year.
  1. A Necklace that Moves with You
A surf jewelry pendant designed to move with you
A surf jewelry pendant designed to move with you 
Hang loose while wearing a beautiful waterproof necklace  made to move with you. One of the must-have surf jewelry pieces is a stone pendant secured onto nautical-grade rope.  Look for one that has been woven with strength and endurance and select a stone that matches your  horoscope healing sign.  
Some of our top crystal picks for  surf jewelry pendants include:
  • Larimar: this stone will help bring unity between you and the ocean when waiting for that perfect wave.
  • Chrysoprase: this stone will encourage you to set positive intentions while out on the water.
  • Labradorite: this stone will help elevate your intuition and feel protected while paddling out into the unknown.
  1. An Anklet or Bracelet That Keeps You Grounded
Surf jewelry designed to keep you feeling grounded in the ocean.
Surf jewelry designed to keep you feeling grounded in the ocean.
Another subtle way to enhance your surfer style is to wear waterproof surf jewelry in the form of an anklet or bracelet. Stack a variety of individual pieces together or wear one out solo. Regardless, the goal should be to invest in an anklet or bracelet that helps you feel beautifully grounded and connected to yourself and the ocean.
A top pick designed with surfers in mind is the  Celestial Waves Bracelet Stack. The set of four bracelets has been designed to help you feel beautiful, bold and fearless out on the waves and use a variety of gemstones to help you feel like nothing is impossible.  This includes:
  • Larimar: this stone will help you feel balanced even when in turbulent waters.
  • Turquoise + Blush: these stones will instill calmness, which is key to maintain even when you do get knocked off a wave.
  • Pearl: this stone is known to help bring out your inner goddess and make you feel fierce on your surfboard.
  • 5. A Mindset That Goes with the Flow
Of course, your surf style isn’t just about what is on the outside, but what’s on the inside as well. Creating your own surfer’s style is just as much about developing your own  mental health strategies and being open to going with the flow. 
The ocean, just like life, can be unpredictable. So training your mind to be adaptable and expect the unexpected is going to make you feel and look empowered. That’s also why wearing waterproof surf jewelry that have crystal and gemstone that set this intention should be a key part of your surf ensemble.
Ride the Wave of Adventure
Your surf community should be like your surf jewelry – knotted together by kindred spirits.
Your surf community should be like your surf jewelry – knotted together by kindred spirits. 
Surfing offers you not only endless adventures in the ocean, but equally the chance to enhance your overall wellbeing. Known to help with your mental health, physical health and even spiritual health, one of our favorite benefits of surfing is that it allows you to connect with your tribe.
Surfing knots together kindred souls who share a passion for the sport, the ocean and living boldly. So, grab your board, rock your surf jewelry, and hang loose with your water-loving community!  

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