The Ultimate Guide to Stone Meanings

Stone meanings and crystal properties to pick the right crystal jewelry.
Stone meanings and crystal properties to pick the right crystal jewelry
The Ultimate Guide to Stone Meanings + Crystal Properties
There’s no denying we are drawn to beautiful stones. For centuries, civilizations have deciphered crystal meanings and their impacts on both our mental and physical states. From Quartz to Amethyst and Labradorite to Moonstone, all possess specific stone meanings and energies associated to them. The Ancient Egyptians used stones as medicine and the Greeks and Romans carried special crystals into battle with them. Today, many utilize crystals in wellness and healing work.
Crystal properties come from their high vibrational frequencies. Everything on this planet is made of energy – so it’s thought these vibrations interact with the body’s energy field. Every crystal is unique and so too are its stone properties.
 But you don’t have to believe in the crystal properties to be affected. Even those who doubt the scientific evidence as well as history have found that wearing beautiful crystals can bring happiness and even trigger a placebo effect.
There are many ways you can integrate crystals into your life – and no one way is “right”. A great way to start is by choosing crystal jewelry to wear that “speak to you.” We love perusing our beautiful collection of Tula stone pendants, bracelets, anklets and earrings each morning to determine what calls to us. Since they are stackable, we have become crystal alchemists, creating beautifully intuitive and meaningful curations.
To get started, here are the stone meanings of some of our favorites:
Labradorite stone meanings and crystal properties.
Labradorite stone meanings and crystal properties.
 Labradorite Stone Meanings
Labradorite is pure magic – as mystical as the northern lights they resemble. This iridescent stone is associated with encouraging self-discovery, enhancing intuition and bolstering courage. The crystal properties are thought to provide protection from negative energy while grounding and providing a calm energy.
It is also believed to reduce anxiety and insomnia while giving your digestive and immune system a boost. Labradorite is thought to stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas while giving strength during times of transition.
We love wearing our labradorite when we want to connect with the universe and open ourselves up to new ideas, in times of stress, or in situations with bad vibes. It’s a go-to for the Tula Team.
Rose Quartz stone meanings and crystal properties
Rose Quartz stone meanings and crystal properties.
 Rose Quartz Stone Meanings
Rose Quartz is a soft pink stone that exudes beauty and love. The crystal properties are associated with compassion, self-love, releasing emotional issues and empathy. It symbolizes unconditional love, peace, trust and harmony.
It also is thought to provide protection against negative energies replacing them with high vibes. It's our go-to when we need to be a bit kinder to ourselves, want to lead with love, bolster existing relationships, or attract new ones by opening our heart.
 Moonstone Stone Meanings
Moonstone looks like you’ve captured the moon rays – so it is no surprise it is believed to harness the power of the moon, bringing calm, balance and intuition to those that wear it. Celebrating the power of the feminine divine, the stone meaning is often “girl power.”
 It is thought to soothe stress, sleeplessness and hormonal imbalances while creating the perfect canvas for inspiration. It is a protective stone – particularly for travelers – and deflects negativity while diffusing drama and encouraging harmony and good fortune.
A close cousin to the Labradorite, it stacks beautifully and increases the power and stone properties of both – perfect for times of transformation, transition and new beginnings.
Pearl stone meanings and crystal properties.
Pearl meanings and crystal properties.
 Pearl Meanings
Pearls, the incredibly beautiful gifts from the sea, are the symbol of balance, inner wisdom and purity.  Their properties are thought to help the wearer be more introspective, listen to their intuition, surround themselves with honesty and compassion, and manage emotions in a healthy manner.
A powerful and protective stone, they are known to alleviate stress replacing it with a sense of peace, attract love and prosperity, and also enhance creativity – bringing out your inner artist! We love wearing pearls when we know we are going to need a bit more support and kindness in our day, giving ourselves some much-needed calm.
Larimar stone meanings and crystal properties.
Larimar stone meanings and crystal properties.
Larimar Stone Meanings
Larimar, a beautiful soft green-blue, embodies the tranquil energies of the Carribean sea which it resembles. It’s stone properties are grounded in peace, love and communication – and is thought to be calming, provide clarity, increase courage, promote emotional balance.
It is also known to attract abundance and stimulate your imagination – and is most powerful when worn against your skin.  Larimar is a great choice when you want to “bring it” – and maximize your creativity, prosperity and “EQ” (emotional quotient.
A variety of crystals to support you
A variety of crystals to support you
Why not try the magic of crystals and add some stone meanings into your life? Our new pebble collection is a great way to “dip your toe” into this incredibly powerful – and beautiful – world.  Don’t be afraid to dabble – after all, who doesn’t need a little more support in this crazy world?
And remember, there’s no right or wrong way to use a stone – as long as it feels beautifully natural and you are attracted to it.
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