Just The Rope Necklace

Just The Rope Necklace

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This is a listing for just a ROPE necklace with a loop and puka closure. Nothing on it. We do NOT sell loose ROPE. But we are happy to make you a ROPE necklace for something special.

Please note: this will only work if your pendant has a bail or a really, really large hole that can slip over our loop. Otherwise you must either mail your piece to us or bring it to one of our events before buying this listing. Not sure? No problem, please send us a picture of what you want to have strung and we can advise you what might be best.

We do NOT drill holes, or make holes bigger. The hole on your pendant must be no smaller that 1.2mm for us to be able to put it on. And if it is that small we MUST have the pendant in hand before you buy this listing. Print out the repair/return/exchange form and mail your pendant to us.

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