Opalite Princess Anklet
Opalite Princess Anklet
Opalite Princess Anklet
Opalite Princess Anklet

Opalite Princess Anklet

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A man-made glass crystal, opalite stands out from the rest of our naturally occurring stones. Opalite is sometimes called Tiffany stone for its soft blue hues, akin to the famous jeweler’s signature shade.

Opalite is a stone of good vibes and balance. It’s mellow, but energizing. Boost your mood and embrace an optimistic outlook with opalite by your side. Perfect for times of transition or new beginnings.

Playfully dainty, our Princess anklets are truly waterproof, unisex & perfect for any occasion. Inspired by our best-selling Princess necklaces, these are the everyday ankle bracelets that take you from the beach to the pool, and back again all summer long. (Beach and pool not necessary for carefree summer vibes!)

- 5 Opalite stones faceted or smooth - you choose!
- Signature hand-spun Tula Blue ROPE
- 100% waterproof
- Loop & puka shell closure
- Standard length: 10"

One more thing: Each piece of Tula Blue is handmade by our female artisans in Texas. Additionally, our stones and pearls are natural, meaning no two are exactly alike. Please expect some natural variations.

From sea to summit, Tula Blue’s minimalist jewelry is designed to be waterproof and adventure-proof for your big, bold and balanced lifestyle. Naturally beautiful, endless combinations of necklace, bracelet, and anklet stacks allow your unique personality to shine. Made to move with you wherever you go, our rope has been spun up with strength, endurance and the goal of tying kindred souls together. As comfortable as it is durable, our jewelry is made from sustainably sourced shells, freshwater pearls, crystals, and semi-precious stones. Weaving purpose into everything we do, Tula Blue’s values of hope, health, happiness and harmony are knotted into all our creations, handmade by our artisans who come together to connect and raise your - and our collective’s - vibe. 

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