How to Pack for Your Next Adventure

Heading out on your next big adventure? Check out Tula Blue’s top packing tips, including best travel jewelry to bring along.

Bring your friends and pack the best travel jewelry for your next adventure!

With the popularity of adventure travel soaring, many of us are facing new challenges when planning for our next epic expedition, whether that is scuba diving on a remote island in Fiji or trekking through the mountains in the Himalayas. And that challenge is — what and how to pack! 

If your dream vacation is an action-packed trip to an island, a mountain top or a jungle, taking some ample time to plan and making the right decisions when packing gives you the chance to make the most of every moment once you arrive. 

Going on an adventure is also a state of mind. There is nothing worse than lugging around too many bags when you’re on the go or not having enough with you either. Packing for an adventure should be all about balance – combining the essential items you need to feel bold and capable of accomplishing anything. Forget the stress of packing and instead pack with intention, bringing what you need to support your wanderlust dreams. 

Since Tula Blue’s mission is to create adventure jewelry and travel jewelry that moves with you, we rounded up expert advice from our jet-setting and adventurous team, who have spent years learning the hard way and refining their strategies, to make your next adventure even easier – and more beautiful.

Here are our top tips to pack with purpose for whatever adventure your travel holds and escape to an action-packed paradise – whatever your own version of that is. 

The best travel jewelry is designed to move with you wherever you go.

The best travel jewelry is designed to move with you wherever you go.

  • Choose versatile pieces:

  • From clothes to shoes and bags for your travel jewelry, ensuring you pack items that can serve many purposes is key to packing light. And packing light means that you will have more freedom to enjoy any and all adventures you seek out. 

    But remember, both style and versatility are a priority that you will need to consider. Remember that you will have a limited number of pieces to choose from each day, so you want to feel good and look good in all of them, whether that is day one or day ten of your trip. 

    To pack with versatility, you will want to be able to mix and match easily, ensuring that you have maximum outfit options while taking up minimal space in your bags. Remember – less is always more. Don’t weigh yourself down and you’ll be surprised what a little creativity with one item can do for your whole travel wardrobe. 

    Also remember that when traveling, there are no fashion rules. Paired together, unexpected pieces often create a unique and stylish look that you may have never considered prior to embarking on your adventure!

    Everything needs to have multiple uses. For instance, a well-chosen fanny pack is perfect for a passport and ticket when catching your flight, train, bus or any other mode of transportation. It can then transform into the ideal bag to lash on your waist carrying a protein bar and bug spray when trekking. 

    Tula Blue’s adventure jewelry lines are inspired by our team’s own wanderlust spirits. When it comes to adventure-proof and water-proof jewelry, there are literally no limits to how it can be worn. 

    For instance, you can wear the Duet, an adjustable necklace that can also be a band wrapped around a sun hat or you can weave it into your braids. With only one piece of jewelry packed, you can have numerous accessories to wear for your entire adventure! Love a minimalist look? Want to be able to wear your adjustable necklace any length? Then the Tula Traveler is for you! 

    You don't need much- just a few pieces that bring you joy.

    The best travel jewelry lets you chase waterfalls!

  • Express your style – and spark joy

  • The most important part of the packing equation is simplicity. So, remember to always ask yourself, “What do I really need to have an amazing trip?”. The answer may surprise you. 

    When packing your bag, minimize the number of items you bring.  Sure, we’d all love to pack that one extra dress we bought just for drinks at sunset in that epic hanging chair under the fig tree during your island getaway. But the reality is you can leave it at home. 

    A great tip to always keep in mind is to pack well ahead of time, and then remove at least two to three items every day to pare down to the essentials. It also helps you avoid the scramble of trying to throw everything in your closet into one bag. 

    Also, remember that adventure travel is about the experience – not the extensive wardrobe that you are bringing. Packing just a few outfits that you absolutely love makes getting ready in a snap and you can spend the majority of your time doing what you truly love. 

    When choosing what to pack, it is also just as important to ask yourself “What items truly bring me joy?”

    For us, that means stacking several bracelets, anklets and necklaces as the only pieces of travel jewelry we need. No fuss, no tangle, every piece can stand on its own, or come together to spark an immense amount of joy on your adventure. 

     Travel jewelry is light to pack, water-proof and adventure-proof!

     Travel jewelry is light to pack, water-proof and adventure-proof!

  • Don’t forget the accessories:

  • The right accessories can really elevate your outfit and take you from a day of freediving in the ocean to enjoying a dinner under the stars. Adventure jewelry that has multi-uses and is water-proof fits the bill perfectly. 

    When you are heading out to explore new places and try new things, it’s also a great opportunity to express your personal style. But being stylish when you are limited to a few versatile choices while also being comfortable and practical can be challenging, especially when you're packing light. That’s why thoughtful accessories can really elevate your look and represent who you really are. 

    Also, accessories ensure that you don’t end up feeling bored in the few outfits you packed for your adventure. Wearing the same thing day in and out, let’s face it, gets old. Packing a small bag of Tula Blue travel jewelry options takes minimal space and weight but maximizes different looks.

    You can also use accessories with purpose – whether that is sun protection or warmth. For example, a well-chosen scarf worn around your neck is perfect for both purposes. 

    And a foldable sunhat is critical for every sunny outdoor adventure. While those types of hats are never as stylish as those that are tough to pack, Tula Blue’s Duet makes a statement on any hat and takes you to the next level of style. Plus, when you don’t need your hat, it makes a beautiful necklace that can make even the most casual bikini under a tank and shots make you look put together.

    The best travel jewelry is waterproof.

  • Materials are everything
  • When adventure traveling, we recommend you choose fabrics that are not just comfortable and pack well but are breathable too. We love sweat-wicking layers from tops to bottoms that are wrinkle-free and can keep you cool if headed to a tropical climate. We prefer clothes that we can hand wash and dry overnight if need be. And we always bring detergent sheets as well.

    For cooler climates, we love puffy jackets that can be compressed into small bags, 100% wool garments, and a very versatile pair of shoes.

    We  prioritize light, flexible pieces that can be layered just like our Tula Blue travel jewelry stacks. And things we aren’t afraid to roll up (not fold) and shove into our favorite compression packing cubes.  After all, it’s not just what you pack, but how you pack it that makes a difference.

    Beautiful, unfussy pieces that travel well and complement one another – and you – are key. We also love things that can go straight from the boat and slopes to the tiki bar and lodge with zero time in between. That way, you are maximizing every second of your adventure.

  • Layer Up

  • No matter what type of adventure travel you are up for, it’s critical you are both comfortable and confident in your clothing. Choose items that not only make you feel good, but things you move around in easily. Comfort is always key for any adventure!

    Layering is a great way to stay comfortable and flexible no matter what the conditions are. You can also adjust your outfit as needed throughout the day and evening. 

    For example, you might start the day with a hoody, tank top and shorts, and then remove the long-sleeved sweatshirt when the day heats up. You can also layer accessories, such as a scarf or hat (for those sunny days, or times when wet hair straight from a sunset freediving session just isn’t acceptable!)

    Tula Blue created adventure jewelry stacks for just this reason. Our team wears theirs for every activity, often stacking more into the mix in the evening – and adding earrings. 

    Another favorite hack is to wear your full Tula stacks as well as your heavier clothing on the plane to save fuss, room and weight. Your hoody, cozy pants and even puffer jacket make great plane companions – either to keep you warm or to use as pillows.

    The best travel jewelry moves with you.

  • Be prepared

  • Adventure travel can be wildly unpredictable (and that’s why we love it, right?), so it's important to be prepared for anything. This includes packing for different weather, as well as activities.

    We never leave our compressible puffy jacket, raincoat, hat, and day pack behind. Plus a bikini – because you never know when you’ll want to take a quick dip in a beautiful turquoise water hole in a cave. To ensure we don’t weigh ourselves down, we pick very light, packable items and swear by our compression packing cubes.

    And finally, a first aid kit you’ve created specifically for your adventure is always something we don’t leave home without.

  • BYOB

  • Single use plastic is a huge problem around the world – particularly in third world countries. That’s why we always bring our own bottle, reusable cutlery and reusable zip baggies. 

    Although you can’t bring water through TSA, you can fill it up on the other side. Most airports around the world offer this, as do many hotels. It’s one way to be more eco-friendly during your adventures and even offset a bit of your carbon footprint. We love bottles that collapse into next-to-nothing and then expand when you need them most. 

    Zip baggies serve many different purposes and are great for snacks, toiletries and even organizing your carry on. We love reusable, silicone ones that can travel with us for years. They also keep things water tight when on a boat or at the beach.

    Finally, we love to re-use our Tula Blue bags (that are designed to be repurposed and are sustainable) for small items in our carry on as well. These bags that come with stacking bracelets, anklets and necklaces are absolutely perfect to keep those small items, like GoPro cards and batteries, right where they should be.

    Don’t forget to pack your travel jewelry on your next adventure.

    Don’t forget to pack your travel jewelry on your next adventure

  • Focus on how you pack,.. and what bags you use

  • As mentioned, the Tula team swears by the zip compression packable bags that can keep your bags organized – especially on multiple adventure trips. 

    We pick smaller, soft-sided bags that are packed tight – so nothing shifts. We aim to get all of our clothing in a roller bag, our gear and equipment in a single rolling duffel, and of course carry a great travel backpack with our fanny pack inside.

    We also always bring a few other bags with us. You’ll never find us without a small, light drybag, a compressible daypack, and at least one small reusable shopping bag. This trifecta of bags takes up no space in your luggage but comes in handy for every single adventure – whether you are exploring a cave or shopping at a local market.

    We’ve also perfected our strategy for our travel jewelry. We pack our all our stacking several bracelets, anklets and necklaces as well as our earrings in a small zip jewelry pouch, perfectly made for every accessory – from earrings and bracelets to anklets and necklaces. That way we can easily and quickly dress up any outfit on the go.

    With Tula Blue you can focus on fun


    Getting organized before you depart ensures you’ll be able to enjoy – and make the most out of every second once you arrive. With our tips and Tula Blue’s travel jewelry, specifically designed to be adventure-proof and waterproof, you’ll do so in your own, beautiful style. 

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